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Can I use my electrical items in Bali?

Most electrical items bought in Australia will also work in Bali, but because the plug sockets are different, you will need to use a travel adapter.

Bali plugs and sockets: What do they look like?

The plugs and sockets used in Bali are ‘Type C’ or ‘Type F’, the same as those used in many European countries. Both C and F type plugs have two round pins measuring 4.0mm – 4.8mm that are spaced 19mm apart. The illustration below demonstrates what the plugs and sockets used in Bali look like.

What is the voltage in Bali?

Mains voltage in Bali is 220V at 50Hz which is the same as Australia and many European countries. However, because the infrastructure is quite outdated, this can vary slightly at times, meaning some electrical items may not work correctly.

Important Information Regarding Voltages

There are two voltages used in countries across the world: 100-127 volts (used in the USA, Latin America, Japan and some other Asian countries) and 220-240 volts (used in the rest of the world).

Although most modern electrical appliances are ‘dual-voltage’ – meaning they are able to run on both power networks, some items (mainly those bought in the USA, Latin America, or Japan) are designed only to run at 110v. There is a serious risk of damage or fire when trying to use an appliance in a power system it is not designed for.

To check whether an item is compatible with all power systems, look for the words input: 110-240v on the plug, as shown in the example of an Apple Macbook charger in the image below.

Photo showing a wording on a plug to show compatibility with all voltage systems

What’s the best type of travel adapter for Bali?

There are a range of adapters available to convert Australian electrical appliance to work in Bali, ranging from very basic models to higher quality options with more features, like the TripAdaptor. As an international travel adapter, TripAdaptor works in countries all around the world, so you won’t need to buy different products each time you visit a new country. It also includes four high-powered USB sockets that use smart technology to charge devices faster. It’s fused for safety and is perfect for hair straighteners, laptop and camera chargers.

photo showing an Australian plug used with a bali travel adapter

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