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Thailand Travel Adapter

travel adapter thailand

Can I use my electrical items in Thailand? Most of the electrical items sold in Australia will also work in Thailand as both countries use 220V. However, there are a number of types of plug sockets used in Thailand, so it’s a good idea to take an international power adapter. Thailand plugs and sockets: What […]

Japan Travel Adapter

When travelling to Japan you want to make sure your electronic devices work. What kind of plugs do they have in Japan you might ask? Well, this is what it looks like: Luckily, TripAdaptor’s international plug adapter works perfectly fine in Bali and gives your appliances extra protection with its buil-in fuse.

Bali Travel Adapter

Can I use my electrical items in Bali? Most electrical items bought in Australia will also work in Bali, but because the plug sockets are different, you will need to use a travel adapter. Bali plugs and sockets: What do they look like? The plugs and sockets used in Bali are ‘Type C’ or ‘Type […]