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Plug adapters are an essential item to pack when travelling overseas. Whether you need to use laptop or digital camera chargers, hair dryers or straighteners, a plug adapter will be required when travelling outside of Australia. This is because the types of plugs used in Australia are different to those used elsewhere in the world. When it comes to the types of plug adapters available there are a number of options, but models like the TripAdaptor are universal, allowing you to use Australian appliances in all types of sockets, including the three pin (type G) versions used in the UK, the two flat pins (type a) in the US or the two round pin (type C) type used across most of Europe and Asia.

Whilst plug adapters can convert the type of plug, it is important to note that they are not the same as a transformer – meaning they do not adjust voltages. There are two voltage systems used in countries across the world; 110V (used mainly in USA and Japan) and 240V (used in most other countries). Whilst most modern electrical appliances are ‘dual voltage’, meaning that can run on either voltage, this is not always the case so we recommend that you check the plug of the device for the words ‘dual voltage’ or ‘input: 110V-240V’ before using any item in a country with a different power supply.