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Can I use my electrical items in Thailand?

Most of the electrical items sold in Australia will also work in Thailand as both countries use 220V. However, there are a number of types of plug sockets used in Thailand, so it’s a good idea to take an international power adapter.

Thailand plugs and sockets: What do they look like?

As is the case with some other Asian countries, there are a number of different types of sockets in use in Thailand, and this can make things difficult for travellers. The plugs and sockets used in Thailand can be

  • Type A (two flat pins, commonly used in the USA)
  • Type B (similar to type A, but with a third round ground pin)
  • Type C (two round pins, used in many European countries)
  • Type F (similar to type C, but with grounding pins)
  • Type O (three round pins, used exclusively in Thailand)

What is the voltage in Thailand?

Mains voltage in Thailand is 220V at 50Hz which is the same as Australia and many European countries, so items purchased in those countries can be used with a travel adapter. Electrical items purchased in the USA however are designed to run on 110V. Though most modern electrical items are able to switch between both 220V and 110V, some are not, and using these without an appropriate transformer can be dangerous. Read on to find out more about voltages.

How to tell if your electrical Item will work in Thailand

There are two voltages used in countries across the world: 100-127 volts (used in the USA, Latin America, Japan and some other Asian countries) and 220-240 volts (used in the rest of the world).

Although most modern electrical appliances are ‘dual-voltage’ – meaning they are able to run on both power networks, some items (mainly those bought in the USA, Latin America, or Japan) are designed only to run at 110v. There is a serious risk of damage or fire when trying to use an appliance in a power system it is not designed for.

To check whether an item is compatible with all power systems, look for the words input: 110-240v on the plug, as shown in the example of an Apple Macbook charger in the image below.

Photo showing a wording on a plug to show compatibility with all voltage systems

What’s the best type of travel adapter for Thailand?

There are a number of options of travel adapters available on the market but there are a few things to look out for when deciding which one to purchase.

  • Build quality – some adapters are built with cheap materials and may not hold the appropriate safety certifications.
  • USB Sockets – most people take at least a couple of devices (mobile phones, cameras, tablets etc) with them when travelling, so it’s useful to find a travel adapter that has USB sockets built-in. Keep an eye out for the current provided by these sockets though, as some will charge your devices much fast than others.
  • International travel adapters – these offer great value for money as they allow you to use an electrical device with the majority of plug sockets around the world. They’re particularly useful in less developed countries which may not have one standard type of socket.

photo showing an Australian plug used with a bali travel adapter